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We Work Hard To Provide The Students The Best Quality Education

It is a long established fact that a Teacher is able to make their students a good citizen. Only Teacher is most powerful Human Resource to serve the Nation. Only Teacher can build the future of a Nation. So We are working Hard to provide the best quality higher education to the students.

Mr. Prafull Gupta (Assistant Professor, Sociology)Mr. Prafull Gupta (Assistant Professor, Sociology)
Dr. Gopal Ram (Assistant Professor, Hindi)Dr. Gopal Ram (Assistant Professor, Hindi)
Mrs. Divya Katiyar (Assistant Professor, Political Science)Mrs. Divya Katiyar (Assistant Professor, Political Science)

Mr. Prafull Gupta

Assistant Professor


Dr. Vivek Kumar (Assistant Professor, Sanskrit)Dr. Vivek Kumar (Assistant Professor, Sanskrit)
Dr. Swati (Assistant Professor, Economics)
Dr. Swati (Assistant Professor, Economics)

Dr. Gopal Ram

Assistant Professor


Dr. Vivek Kumar

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Divya Katiyar

Assistant Professor

Political Science

Dr. Swati

Assistant Professor